At Cell&Co, we are convinced that high-quality service must be founded on the development of innovative systems and services, and have therefore embarked on our own R&D programme. We use and, in the process, continue to develop a number of innovative systems and tools to enhance the quality, security and traceability of our services.

Over-wrapping system

Designed and tested to resist cryogenic storage, this system offers numerous advantages:

  • Offers an ideal surface to label samples for traceability
  • Insulates samples during door opening, transport and transfer
  • Prevents frost forming on samples and labels
  • Protects the sample from its external environment and prevents manual errors

Sealing system

Self-adhesive, cryogenic-resistant system that encloses the packaged sample. The system is designed in such a way that it cannot be opened without irreversibly breaking the seal. This technology offers some real advantages:

  • Guarantees sample integrity
  • Protects the sample from any manual errors

Internet portal

The portal gives clients secure, private access to their personalized account on our Biotracker sample-tracking system. This custom-developed tool allows you to remotely consult the status of your samples, download storage reports and generate requests (dispatch, storage, etc.). You can also use it to annotate your samples with one or more files, at any time, directly in the application. Your samples and their respective data are therefore securely stored.

Research tax credit scheme

Based on its R&D activity, Cell&Co is approved for the French government’s research tax credit scheme, enabling our clients to obtain a partial refund for services billed by Cell&Co, in the form of a research tax credit.