Cell&Co has forged links with companies in the sector to promote its expertise and create a dynamic network of partners involved in biospecimen storage and management. We belong to the following networks:

  • ISBER: International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories
  • ESBB: European Society for Biopreservation & Biobanking
  • BIOBANQUES: French infrastructure for biomedical research
  • 3C-R Network: a network of French specialists in biospecimen management
  • AFSSI: French association of service and innovation companies in the field of life sciences
  • AFCROs: National association which federates and represents clinical trial professionals in France
  • GIMRA: Group of Pharmaceutical Companies of the Auvergne region

Our involvement in these networks enables us to keep track of new technology and monitor developments in the sector, while also benefiting from the expertise and advice of other members, training, and partnership opportunities. Cell&Co also closely follows developments of networks such as the BBMRI (Biobanking and Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure) and the FCRIN (French Clinical Research Infrastructure Network).

In addition to these activities, Cell&Co has forged links with competent partners that are respected in their field, enabling us to ensure a high-quality service for our clients.


Gen-Bio is an ISO 15189 certified medical laboratory group with more than 20 patient reception sites, a staff of over 350 and a fully automated technical platform. Its medical testing capabilities include routine and specialist biochemistry, haematological cytology, haemostasis, bacteriology, antimicrobial susceptibility testing, autoimmunity, serology, and prenatal and constitutional cytogenetics. Located near Cell&Co, Gen-bio is our key partner for automated processing of biological samples (DNA/RNA extraction, serum, plasma, PBMCs, etc.) and clinical sample testing.

Amatsi Group offers a wide range of integrated services: in vivo studies, bioanalysis, pharmaceutical analysis, formulation development and production, as well as clinical supplies and packaging. These services complement those of Cell&Co, making Amatsi Group a key partner that enables us to satisfy our clients’ needs, especially for pharmacokinetic (PK) analysis.

Creapharm Group offers innovative, customized solutions for clinical batch management and sampling kit production for phase I through to phase IV clinical studies. Cell&Co relies on this important partner in particular for sampling kit assembly and logistics, especially for international and/or complex projects. In addition to this support, Creapharm Group can also provide sourcing solutions for comparator drugs (masking and production of placebo capsules), primary or secondary packaging, and distribution of therapeutic units, enabling us to offer our clients a range of high-quality, comprehensive services.

Centre CAP, based in Montpellier, and its partner company CAP Research, based in Phoenix (Mauritius), are CROs that conduct phase I, II and III clinical studies and trials in healthy volunteers and/or patients for international pharmaceutical companies. All their studies are conducted in full compliance with GCP requirements, with procedures to ensure subject/patient confidentiality and data quality and authenticity. CAP Research and Centre CAP are therefore important to Cell&Co’s development strategy by enabling us to offer our clients medical expertise and bundled services for clinical studies and trials.

Qualilab is a recognized expert in quality assurance for the pharmaceutical industry. It is currently assisting us to develop our quality assurance system, to validate our software and implement the relevant quality standards, primarily GxP (GLP, GMP, GDP, etc.), NF S 96-900 and ISO 9001.

We have chosen to store the biological samples entrusted to us in Panasonic storage equipment, which offers impeccable temperature stability and unrivalled long-term reliability, and is respected and used extensively throughout the pharmaceutical industry. Furthermore, the optimized power consumption of these products makes them the ideal solution for our eco-biobank.

The company IBO hosts our applications and associated data. Their green approach and their certification for hosting health data make them a key partner. Together we have devised the most appropriate and secure IT solution for our activities.