Secure, environmentally friendly biobanking infrastructure

Cell&Co Bioservices’s brand new infrastructure has a capacity of more than 4,5 million samples and is strategically located for the logistics side of our operations (near Clermont-Ferrand in central France), with easy access to motorways and airports.

Infrastructure and workflows

  • Infrastructure of 400 m2, entirely dedicated to the biobanking activity
  • Important storage capacity of more than 3,5 millions of samples
  • Ten percent of backup storage equipments
  • Two independant workflows including each one a P2 laboratorie
  • Infrastructure committed to minimizing its environmental impact


Cell&Co Bioservices has up-to-date technology enabling us to ensure the optimum quality and security of your stored samples:

  • Generator enabling our entire infrastructure to be self-sufficient in power for at least 48 hours
  • All electronic equipment and computer workstations are connected to a UPS
  • Controlled entry, intrusion alarm and video surveillance
  • Automatic gaseous fire suppression system and incombustible insulation panels (insulating material: rock wool)
  • Backup air handling unit
  • Electronic data stored offsite at the IBO data centre, which is accredited to host medical data
  • Backup storage equipment
  • 24/7 APSAD P3 certified remote surveillance of temperature-monitoring and intrusion systems


Cell&Co’s determination to develop an environmentally friendly infrastructure means that today we are France’s first eco-biobank.

  • The air handling unit (AHU) uses glycol/water rather than gas, because the gases used are harmful to the environment. The AHU's "free cooling" system (using outdoor air) enables energy savings of up to 70% compared with a conventional air conditioning system.
  • Automatic argon/nitrogen fire suppression system. These gases are naturally present in the atmosphere and are therefore 100% neutral for the environment (ODP=0 and GDP=0).
  • RoHS (Directive 2002/95/EC) compliant storage equipment from Panasonic, guaranteed CFC-free and HFC-free. Panasonic is also committed to offering highly insulated equipment (especially its VIP range) to reduce their energy consumption.
  • The printer that supplies our printed media is IMPRIM’VERT (Green Print) marked and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certified.

A team of qualified specialists with complementary skills

Management team

Florent Belon

Co-founder, Sales & Business Development Director

Florent Belon holds a Biological Engineering degree from Polytech'Clermont and is an expert in logistics and supply-chain techniques for the pharmaceutical industry. After spending a year in the US in the Chemical Engineering Laboratory of the University of Michigan, he joined Servier’s clinical supply coordination department and later Alliance Healthcare’s supplies department. Florent is one of the founders of Cell&Co Bioservices.

Sofien Dessolin

Co-founder, Director of Operations & Scientific Affairs

Sofien Dessolin obtained a Biological Engineering degree from Polytech'Clermont, then specialized in basic research in the fields of gene therapy and neurobiology. After spending two years in Canada at the National Research Council Biotechnology Research Institute (NRC-BRI) at Montreal, then the Molecular and Cell Biology Laboratory at the University of Sherbrooke’s science faculty, he took over the immunodeficient mice facility of the Immunology, Immunopathology and Immunotherapy Laboratory (UMR7211 CNRS/Pierre and Marie Curie University, U959 INSERM) at Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital, Paris. Sofien is a co-founder of Cell&Co and one of the original investigators involved in the innovative design of the company’s infrastructure. He notably brings to this venture his knowledge of the academic and scientific sector.


Quality Assurance Director

Karine Gontard is a Quality Assurance Engineer specialized in medicinal products, with a wealth of experience with major players in the pharmaceutical industry (Creapharm, MSD, Unither) and with a consultancy firm well known in the healthcare industry for its expertise in IT validation (Qualilab). She joined Cell&Co in February 2013, where her experience in implementing quality systems will be a valuable asset.

Clément Le Guyadec

Director of operations

Clement holds a degree in Biological engineering from Polytech’Clermont. He has previously held positions has quality engineer, accounts manager and project manager in different companies. Clement has been a member of Cell&Co’s executive management team for six years. He manages the operations team while supervising the continuous improvement of our company’s operational activities with regards to quality, hygiene, safety and industry-specific regulations.


Eloise Perbet

Operations Manager

Eloise Perbet holds a professional bachelor’s degree in Quality Assurance and has experience as a quality assistant and laboratory technician.

Aurore Sainte Martine

Biobank Operator

Since qualifying as a laboratory scientist in 2005 at Clermont-Ferrand IUT, Aurore has worked in various biomedical sectors: in preclinical pharmacology with the CRO CERB, in microbiology with the testing laboratory ICARE, and in medical devices for VITROBIO. Since 2017, Aurore has applied this varied experience to her work with Cell&Co as a biobank practitioner.

Sophie Marquet

Biobank Operator

Sophie holds a master’s degree in cell biology and physiology and has worked as a laboratory scientist for a number of companies, including ADIV, Ampligène (CARSO Group), ICARE, and SLVA, mainly in the field of testing and quality control. She joined our operations team as a biobank practitioner in 2017.

Emeric Desiage

Biobank Operator

With several qualifications under his belt, including a master’s degree in the physics of ionizing radiation, Emeric gained valuable experience and skills in a range of fields, such as metrology and industrial systems design. He appreciates the dynamic environment at Cell&Co, having joined the team in June 2017 as a biobank practitioner.

Gaël Clairefond

Biobank Operator

Since qualifying as a laboratory scientist at Clermont-Ferrand IUT, Gael worked for 5 years as part of a translational research team at the local medical school then in the field of medical devices, before joining Cell&Co as a biobank practitioner in 2017.

Fonctions support

Pierre-Yves Cousin

Project Manager

Pierre-Yves Cousin obtained a professional bachelor’s degree in the Chemical and Biotech Industries in 2004 from the University of Paris 6 and has almost 10 years of experience in organizations such as INSERM (the French National Institute for Health and Medical Research) and Genewave.

Céline Loiseau

Project Manager

After obtaining a master’s degree in Biotechnology R&D, Céline worked as a research assistant in the fields of cryobiology, immunology, and infectious diseases (UPSP ICE and CIRI INSERM U851). After a 2-year project to set up the CryAnim BRC at the veterinary school VetAgro-Sup, which culminated in obtaining NF S96-900 certification, Céline extended her laboratory expertise by gaining a broad grounding in biobanking, including QMS development and oversight, as well as database organization. She now combines her scientific knowledge with her experience of managing biosample collections in her role as a Cell&Co project manager.

Fabien Sol

Information systems manager

With a scientific background, having studied biology, pharmacy, optics, and chemistry, Fabien worked in pharmaceutical detailing for 12 years, in the sectors of antibiotics, immunology, cardiology, and gastroenterology. He then embarked on his IT career, initially as a data engineer with SFR, followed by 8 years’ experience as an IS Manager after training as an IT project manager. Fabien joined Cell&Co in late 2017.

Régine Tromas

Executive assistant

After qualifying with a DUT in Business and Administrations Management, Régine worked for 12 years in logistics as an administrative and operations assistant for France’s leading pharmaceutical distributor, CSP. She joined Cell&Co in 2017.


Patrice Domas


Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and graduated from ESC Clermont-Ferrand (finance management control learning cycle and human resources Master), he has spent more than 25 years in business world, especially in health industry field. Patrice, in the light of his experience gained in different types of firms (from SMEs to multinational) and through wide range of responsibilities held (scientific, manufacturing and supply chain, sales and marketing, general manager…) has to make a significant contribution to Cell & Co development.

Jean-François Félix

Co-founder & Associate

Jean-François Félix graduated from HEC Paris and obtained an MBA from Harvard Business School. He is one of the founders of Cell&Co. Jean-François is a private equity expert and also founded the Paris office of Vestar Capital Partners where he participated in many corporate transactions. He was notably on the board of directors of Sab Wabco AB and AZ Electronic Materials.

Michel Pautrat

Co-founder & Associate

Michel Pautrat holds an MBA from Harvard and has had a long career in the pharmaceutical industry, holding various executive positions, including in the Health division of Rhône Poulenc. He founded the company Creapharm Europe in 1998 and he stayed its CEO until 2013. Michel is a co-founder of Cell&Co Bioservices and is involved in its business development, bringing to the role his valuable entrepreneurial experience and knowledge of the pharmaceutical market.

Alexandre Léglise

Co-founder & Associate

Alexandre Léglise graduated from Polytech’ Clermont-Ferrand, specializing in information systems and completed his training on an IBM graduate programme. In 2010, he formed his own Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) consultancy firm. Alexandre is a member of Cell&Co’s founding team and acts as a facilitator for matters relating to the company’s information systems.