Our team takes charge of the security, confidentiality and quality of your biological samples, offering short-, medium- or long-term storage. As a client, you benefit from centralized storage of your samples, standardized storage conditions, and traceability.

Quality commitments

  • GxP and NF S 96-900 compliant biorepository and biological sample management

  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant temperature-monitoring and sample-tracking systems

  • Secure, personalized Internet portal for remote management of your collections

  • Validated processes guaranteeing strict maintenance of the cold chain

  • Secure storage of paper archives and electronic data related to your samples

  • Sample packaging and aliquoting management


Biological origin

- Human
- Animal
- Plant
- Microbial
- Biochemical


- R&D resources
- Clinical trial samples
- Scientific cohorts
- Bakup collection
- Industrial samples

Sample types

- Cells, blood, serum, plasma, tissues, organs
- Proteins, DNA, RNA, grains, seeds
- Paraffin blocks, histopathology slides
- Yeasts, acteria, viruses, fungi, microalgae
- Active pharmaceutical ingredients, excipients


  • Custom-designed Internet portal: simplifies the processing of your requests and transmission of your reports

  • Over-wrapping system for high-quality, traceable storage

  • Development of sealing systems that indicate any access to your samples

Key Figures


million samples at full capacity


temperatures corresponding to standard biospecimen storage conditions


P2 laboratories for packaging and aliquoting


Biorepository & biological
sample management

Cold chain and
transport management


Biobank design
and management