Cell&Co designs, produces and organizes the distribution of sampling kits. Our kits are designed to meet your needs as effectively as possible. In particular, they are easy for sample collectors to use and ensure the integrity, protection and traceability of your samples.

and production

- The specific requirements and constraints of your project are analysed, and specifications drawn up accordingly
- The design and components of each kit are proposed
- The accompanying documents are devised: operating manual, sample collection form, etc.
- Demo kits are provided
- The kits are produced, inspected, stored then distributed to the investigational sites
Each kit is identified with a unique code that includes its expiry date and batch number. Cell&Co tracks this information and automatically warns sites when kits are approaching their expiry date, then organizes the delivery of fresh stocks where necessary.

The advantages of
Cell&Co’s sampling kits

Our expertise in the field of clinical sample management, biobanking, and laboratory analysis means that the kits we develop are:
- Practical: designed in collaboration with investigational sites to ensure maximum ease of use
- Economical: rationally devised to optimize cost while maintaining high quality
- Customized: customizable and designed to satisfy all your operational requirements
Cell&Co is also committed to high quality design, production and distribution:
- Careful selection of kit components and planning of kit production enable rigorous monitoring of expiry dates and rational stock management
- Specific documents are devised that enable precise and straightforward tracking of kits and samples throughout their lifecycle
- Kit components are selected in collaboration with testing laboratories for better quality lab results
Our kits are designed to satisfy the requirements of each of your projects, and can be visit-specific, patient-specific, dose-specific or cycle-specific. They can also be adapted to any type of sample: blood, faeces, urine, biopsy material, etc.

Our kits contain all the materials required by your project

- Sample containers: tubes, bottles, cryotubes, bags, etc.
- Sample collection materials: prep kit, needle holder, blood collection needle, biopsy needle, etc.
- Tracking labels
- Leak-proof transport bag (IATA and ADR regulations)
- Packaging for storage: storage bag, cryobox, etc.

Documents provided by Cell&Co

- Operating manual
- Summary sheet, containing the key points of the operating manual
- Transport request form
- Transport request form
- Resupply request form
- Query form
- Others, on request


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