Cell & Co BioServices is now Cryoport Systems

Cryoport Systems Announces Expansion of Pont-du-Château Facility and Official Rebrand of Cell&Co

Cryoport Systems is thrilled to announce the significant expansion of its Pont-du-Château facility in France. This 595 m² expansion includes enhanced BioServices and biostorage capabilities for the life sciences market. At the same time, this development marks the official rebranding of Cell&Co BioServices to Cryoport Systems, which is a significant step in including the French facility into Cryoport, Inc.’s global operations.   

Acquired by the company in April 2022, Cell&Co has been a crucial part of Cryoport Systems’ growth in the EMEA region. This rebranding brings together the two organizations’ support on a global scale through superior supply chain solutions.  

“We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our Pont-du-Château facility and the official rebranding of Cell&Co,” said Mark Sawicki, CEO of Cryoport Systems. “These advancements reflect our dedication to providing the highest standards of service and innovation in temperature-controlled supply chain solutions. The enhanced capabilities of the Pont-du-Château site position us to better serve the life sciences industry and support the development and delivery of critical therapies worldwide.” 

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