Core values & Commitments

Cell&Co is composed of a team of engineers and technicians all committed to our unique work approach and philosophy.

Our commitments

Our commitments

Understanding your needs

The efficacy of our collaboration is underpinned by our ability to understand your needs throughout the project. Our wide range of solutions is a key asset to the success of our services.

Quality and Security

The design of our facilites, the rigour of our technical processes and our quality management system ensure a high level of security for your biological resources.


The recognized engagement and dynamism of our teams make it possible to create close working relationships, enabling constructive dialogue and effective implementation of your projects.


Motivated by an appetite for challenge, together with our clients, we have developed innovative technical, digital and organizational solutions in order to manage your samples and clinical studies more efficiently.

Our values

Our values

Because work only makes sense when it is aligned with shared values, we have defined our priorities as a collective unit. Our values are central to our team spirit and to the quality of our services.





Professional fulfilment

  • Respect for biological resources and other stored samples
  • Respect for our teams and all our collaborators
  • Respect for the stakeholders of our ecosystem: clients, partners, competitors
  • Respect for the environment: CSR & sustainable development

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