Secure storage

Samples stored in a hi-tech eco-biobank under ultra-surveillance

Cell&Co specializes in the management and storage of biological and chemical samples. Whatever your requirements, our team will agree specifications with you, setting out the sample handling conditions and related data tracking procedures. Implementation of these specifications will provide you with a comprehensive and fully consistent database and guarantee optimum preservation of your resources throughout their life cycle.

With the same goal in mind, we remain in full control of the cold chain during all operations. The particular attention we pay to this is one of our main strengths. To achieve this, our personnel conduct investigations designed to assess the factors that may affect sample stability and define the optimum conditions to ensure preservation of the resources entrusted to us. These investigations are subject to stringent traceability, where the test results in combination with our practical experience and scientific watch process regularly enhance our knowledge, enabling improvements to our processes and quality assurance system.

Capacity and resources

Capacity and resources

  • Storage capacity: 15 million samples
  • Duration: short, medium, or long-term
  • All formats: cryobox, microplate, bag, vial, pouch, slide, etc.
  • Temperature tracking and remote alarm
  • Highly secure and connected infrastructure
  • 24/7 on-call personnel trained for all eventualities
  • Guaranteed permanent availability of required storage space
  • Storage at two different sites in a GMP environment under strict surveillance

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