Do you need to SAFEGUARD YOUR BIOLOGICAL OR CHEMICAL SAMPLES AND RELATED DATA to ensure that your research projects generate reliable, exploitable results?

Cell&Co offers you a comprehensive and adaptable solution for the management of your biological and chemical resources in line with your specific quality and regulatory requirements.

We provide the support you require to centralize and store your collections, while guaranteeing strict compliance with the cold chain throughout their life cycle.

We offer you bespoke support and maximum flexibility through an extensive range of services, in terms of the types of samples stored, storage temperatures, capacity, and packaging formats. We have also designed innovative systems to prevent samples being opened or corrupted in any way within our cold storage units.

In accordance with our quality assurance process and your specific requirements, at each stage of the sample life cycle we implement rigorous quality control and traceability for all interventions, ensuring you obtain reliable samples and data of the highest quality.

Steps of the process

Steps of the process

Need analysis

. Definition of the specific process and conditions for managing samples and related data
. Drafting of bespoke instructions and specifications


. IT preparation for receipt and storage
. Transport scheduling, coordination, and tracking


. Receipt and inspection of packages and samples
(if requested: photos, overwrapping, reorganization, optimization of cryoboxes already in storage, etc.)


. Sample processing (extraction, isolation, etc.)
. Aliquoting
. Relabeling
. Reorganization


. Storage at our premises at defined temperature
. Storage report generated and forwarded monthly


. A broad panel of tests, about 650 parameters, to study the efficacy and safety of your chemical or biological entities in clinical trials

Dispatch or Disposal

. IT preparation for interventions
. Picking, inspection and packing, then dispatch or disposal of samples
. Production of report

Sample origin

  • Human
  • Animal
  • Plant
  • Microorganism
  • Biochemical


  • R&D
  • Clinical trials
  • Scientific cohorts
  • Backup collection
  • Bioproduction
  • Biochemical synthesis


  • Blood, serum, plasma, feces, saliva, urine
  • Cells, tissues, organs
  • Protein, DNA, RNA
  • Yeasts, bacteria, viruses, fungi, microalgae
  • Biochemical products
  • Paraffin blocks, histopathology slides
Benefits to you

Benefits to you

Maintain the integrity of your samples for optimum exploitation in the future
Benefit from easy and continuous access to your samples
Optimize your work while reducing your investments


We contracted Cell&Co to store, at a single, secure site, all the remaining samples after closeout of our clinical studies. Cell&Co assembled a large number of samples from European CROs into a single collection. The objective was to have easy access to these biological resources in order to be able to repeat assays or perform new analyses. Cell&Co’s understanding, flexibility and responsiveness enable them to easily accommodate our new requests. This partner boosts the efficiency of our organization and simplifies our work, enabling us to focus on our core business.


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