Innovative systems

Innovative systems for secure and high-quality sample management

Cell&Co mobilizes all its personnel and their diverse expertise to design and develop innovative systems that meet both our clients’ requirements and our operational demands.

We have notably developed sealing systems and continue to work on further innovations, creating industrial advances in both biobanking and clinical research.

Sealing system

Sealing system

Cell&Co has developed a sealing system ideal for standard format cryoboxes. The system has been designed in such a way that it cannot be opened without causing irreversible damage to the seal, guaranteeing that samples have not been handled. Each seal is identified during production by a unique code. They are affixed to the cryoboxes by our clients, with the addition of a signature and date. On receipt, Cell&Co verifies the integrity of the seal and takes a photo of all the sealed cryoboxes it receives. This technology offers a number of advantages:

Guarantee of integrity and conformity of the set of samples or products
Protection against handling errors
Attachment on cryoboxes at -80°C to +20°C

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