Sample collection kits

Systems designed to guarantee the quality of biological samples

A specialist in the field of clinical sample management, biobanking, and laboratory analysis, Cell&Co is fully proficient in the design, production, and distribution of sample collection kits.

Our kits are developed with industry professionals and a special awareness of component costs.

The technical documentation of the kits has been designed using a modern, graphical, and user-friendly approach.

Advantages of our kits and their identification systems

Advantages of our kits and their identification systems

Promotes the generation of high-quality biological samples
Facilitates traceability and handling by users
Enables automatic resupply thanks to the straightforward process of stock and expiration date administration

  • Sample containers: tubes, vials, bags, etc
  • Sampling equipment: needle holder, needle, trocar, prep kit, etc.
  • Colored tracking labels (pre-identified)
  • Leak-proof transport bag (IATA and ADR regulations)
  • Aliquot containers (e.g. cryotubes)

  • Packaging and documents customized to represent the visual identity of the sponsor
  • User-friendly instructions with pictures illustrating each step
  • Laboratory manual and operational summary sheet
  • Forms: requisition form, sample pickup, kit resupply, data queries, etc.
  • Identification label with unique 2D code and color code for ease of use
  • Documentation translated into the language of each country

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