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IT for optimized sample management of the highest quality

Cell&Co has the necessary in-house expertise to deploy IT systems that support the activities and projects entrusted to us. Our team designs, develops (either internally or via selected service providers) and implements the innovative IT solutions required, then validates them in-house in accordance with GMP and FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

Traceability of actions, data collection and data exchange

Traceability of actions, data collection and data exchange

A variety of new functionality has been added, based on user requirement specifications defined by Cell&Co in order to offer our clients:

  • Secure access to their sample data
  • Remote management of intervention requests
  • Real-time monitoring of the key indicators incorporated within the ergonomic, configurable dashboards.

Through a collaborative project, we have implemented a connector for sample data exchange, developed in line with the SDTM (Study Data Tabulation Model) produced by CDISC ( Clients opting for this solution benefit from management of their existing data and database accessibility in flat-file format (Excel or csv) coded according to the SDTM method.

We use business intelligence software interfaced with our Biotracker™ LIMS and ERP for cross-exploitation of all the data collected into these applications. This solution enables the client to access interactive data reports specifically designed for each of their projects.

To facilitate the management of clinical projects or scientific cohorts, Cell&Co develops and uses IT solutions designed to acquire and report critical data. Notably, Cell&Co has developed systems providing traceability between the sample collection kit used and the samples generated from it, or to obtain an overview of remote sample generation

Biotracker™ LIMS IN CLOSE-UP

Biotracker™ LIMS IN CLOSE-UP


- Sample and logistics administration

- Metadata storage

- Study management

- Sample storage, dispatch or disposal requests

- Sample import & export

- Administration of sites and storage locations

- Sample genealogy (pooling and aliquots)

Barcodes & printing

- Label design

- Printing of barcodes (1D & 2D) and labels


- User administration

- Profile administration

- User log

- Contacts supplier & client

- Site administration


- Dashboard

- Email

- Adjustable fields and interface

- APIs

- Searches and queries

- Data list administration

Quality, security & conformity

- Audit trails, e-signature, user log

- Profile administration

- Surveillance chain


- Creation of new fields, form design

- Administration of sample type and origin

- Notifications & alerts

Multi-platform, multi-user, scalable, ergonomic web solution
Customizable web user interface
Software validated in accordance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11
Interfaceable with third-party software via its RESTful APIs
LIMS Biotracker® dashboard example LIMS Biotracker® dashboard example

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