Two ultra-secure sites for optimum management of biological and chemical resources.

Our infrastructure

Our infrastructure

Cell&Co has two sites located close to Clermont-Ferrand dedicated to centralized biobanking and laboratory activities:

  • One site of 425m² established in 2013
  • One site of 850m2 established in 2019

These facilities are regularly visited and audited by our clients and certification bodies. All infrastructure is organized to ensure optimum sample processing throughout the life cycle.

Site of Pont-du-Château Site of Pont-du-Château
Site of Clermont-Ferrand Site of Clermont-Ferrand
Main security systems

Main security systems

24/7 remote surveillance of all critical infrastructure systems
Automatic gaseous fire suppression system
Controlled access to the building via security pass
Secure offsite servers with a healthcare data hosting provider
Electricity generator and inverter
Backup storage systems
Alarmed temperature-monitoring system
Controlled access to storage units
Staff on call 24/7

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