Bespoke R&D studies

Are you concerned about the pre-analytical conditions of your samples? Are you looking for a partner in order to examine the stability of your samples or their metabolites in order to define the most appropriate pre-analytical conditions?

Through its personnel and partners, Cell&Co has at its disposal expert research scientists, state-of-the-art analytical platforms, and sample sourcing solutions. This combination of expertise and resources enables us to offer bespoke R&D services.

The main objective of these services is to define the pre-analytical and storage conditions recommended for your research project samples and clinical trials.

The main parameters that may be tested to define the recommended pre-analytical conditions:

  • Sample collection equipment
  • Retention conditions prior to processing (time limits, temperature, transport, etc.)
  • Sample preparation method
  • Impact of freezing

The main parameters that may be tested to assess the stability of your samples and/or metabolites of interest:

  • Storage over time and at different temperatures
  • The impact of freeze-thaw cycles
  • Container type
Benefits to you

Benefits to you

Collaborate with a single R&D partner able to validate the optimum pre-analytical and storage conditions for your samples
Guarantee the exploitability of your analytical results
Enhance the soundness and reliability of your conclusions in the eyes of the stakeholders in your operations: regulatory agencies, funding providers, scientific partners, etc.


We were setting up a clinical study in DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) where we were going to assay thyroid hormones. As sample storage and transportation conditions were planned for remote locations, we had to cover the risk of the cold chain being broken and be able to prove in advance that our analytical data would be reliable should the samples thaw. Our complex issue was explained to Cell&Co, which was able to rise to the challenge by suggesting a bespoke stability test for thyroid hormones. We gained immense support from their commitment and advice and it is clear that they were able to fully understand our issues. Their adaptability and empathy subsequently made the collaboration uncomplicated and highly successful. Lastly, the quality of the study's stability results enabled us to carry out our clinical trial with complete peace of mind.


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