Biobank design and management advice

Do you have a project to create or adapt a biobank? Do you have concerns about the risks or your current practices associated with your biobanking activities?

Cell&Co will deploy its expertise and technologies at your site in order to structure your biobanking activities. Following a meticulous audit in order to analyze your uses and needs, we work at your side from the infrastructure design phase to operational implementation.

It is Cell&Co’s goal to have a positive and lasting impact on the way in which biological and chemical resources are collected, stored, and managed. To this end, we are committed to the sharing of expertise in order to improve practices.

Our intervention process

Our intervention process


- Study of the environment

- Risk analysis

- Examination of your operational processes

- Analysis of your quality assurance and staff training

- Study of logistics flows

Infrastructure design

- Definition of required or suggested developments: quality, infrastructure, personnel, etc.

- Design of tender documents

- Support with equipment selection and qualification


- Development of the quality assurance system

- Installation and validation of IT systems

- Training on procedure maintenance and indicator monitoring

- Training of operational staff

Benefits to you

Benefits to you

Safeguard and accelerate implementation of your biobank infrastructure with the support of an experienced partner
Benefit from a genuine transfer of expertise for optimum management of your activities within your biobank
Optimize your budget for the development and exploitation of your biobanking activities


Cell&Co is a specialized service provider that impressed us by the quality of its infrastructure, its ambition and its wide range of solutions. We have benefited from the team’s expertise and advice in setting up the group’s single biobank, covering our substantial livestock operation. Cell&Co’s client relations and the state of-the-art tools it proposes have been genuine assets in this strategic project that is far removed from our core business. Cell&Co has become our trusted partner for long-term sample storage.

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