Comprehensive management of your national and international movements

For every movement entrusted to us, Cell&Co recommends a solution (see definitions below) taking into account the criticality of the samples/products being transported, including the specific deadline requirements.

In order to offer a solution tailored to particular demands, Cell&Co has established an international network of logistics partners and specialist services to carry out the collection and dispatch of biological and chemical resources. Regardless of the origin or destination, we remain in full control of all logistics flows and transport conditions in strict compliance with temperature requirements and defined deadlines. Equally qualified in completing regulatory and customs formalities, in particular the transportation of hazardous substances, Cell&Co rigorously applies the requirements applicable to the product or sample in question.

Key steps

Key steps

Service provider selection and assessment

Definition of the appropriate equipment for the transport solution

Drafting of specific packing instructions

Logistics scheduling in accordance with applicable regulations

Supply of adapted materials: insulated box, coolant charge (ex : dry ice), temperature sensor, regulatory labeling, etc.

Sample dispatch from Cell&Co or collection from the stated site

Computerized tracking of sample movements irrespective of the delivery location

Detailed report covering each movement

Our transport solutions

Our transport solutions

Transport solution offering the same commitments as the premium solution (in terms of meeting delivery deadlines, reloading of refrigerant and event management) to which is added exclusive use of vehicle(s) for ground transport (exclusive transport not applicable for air and/or maritime transport).

Transport solution enabling complete transport service provision according to specifics constraints (examples: process, time, etc.). The package is transported in a specialist network enabling qualitative tracking of the transport and offering capability for refrigerant reloading during key steps in the transporting of packages. Any event, due to the carrier, affecting the original transport plan and requiring the implementation of additional means, will be assumed by the carrier and will not be subject to invoicing.

Transport solution enabling the collection and/or delivery of packages to take place according to specifics constraints (examples: process and time, etc.). The other transport steps, including intermediate transit, are managed by an integrator service provider, including constraints and risks associated with the use of this solution.

Transport solution with collection and delivery of packages managed by integrator network (e.g. DHL, TNT, FEDEX, Chronopost, etc.). This solution has a significant cost-saving, but offers a very low level of reliability and security. No individual treatment of the package is possible during transit (reloading of dry ice, direct collection, etc.).

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