Sample collection kits

Are you looking for simple systems to be used by sample collectors, while guaranteeing that the collected samples will be traceable, protected, and intact? Are you looking for a high-quality and responsive kit sourcing service, combined with rigorous traceability?

In collaboration with investigator sites, Cell&Co designs your sample collection kits and related documentation to meet your specific needs. They offer maximum ease of use and help maximize the quality of your biological samples. The kits may be dedicated to one visit, one patient, one dose, or one cycle, and can be adapted to all types of sample.

In addition to design, we also produce the kits in-house and manage their national and international distribution. Investigator sites are automatically notified when kits are reaching the end of their shelf-life, and Cell&Co manages any necessary resupply. Depending on the project’s constraints, each kit can be provided with a unique identification number for full traceability.

Kits design and production

Kits design and production

Step 1

- Need analysis
- Drafting of specifications

Step 2

- Kit design
- Selection and validation of components

Step 3

- Writting of related documents

Step 4

- Provision of demonstration kits

Step 5

- Production, inspection and storage
- Distribution to investigator sites

Step 6

- Disposal & Disassembly

Benefits to you

Benefits to you

Provide investigator sites with functional kits and instructive documentation specially designed to facilitate sample collection
Enhance the quality of the relationship with medical personnel, thereby creating an environment that promotes their ongoing engagement in your clinical trial
Control your budgetary expenditure thanks to the ability of Cell&Co to select competitive consumables


Having explained our needs and technical constraints (sample types and quantities, pre-analytical conditions, etc.), through the different projects entrusted to it Cell&Co has been able to demonstrate its ability to create appropriate specifications and ingenious equipment able to facilitate our work and the work performed at investigator sites. We also particularly appreciate the quality and speed of their responses throughout the study cycle, and their transparency and proactivity, both in terms of project management and risk management. Cell&Co therefore meets our objective of establishing lasting relationships based on trust with all our partners.


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