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As a trial sponsor, are you seeking to obtain FULL OVERVIEW OF THE GENERATION OF YOUR BIOCOLLECTIONS during the course of your clinical trials and to maintain the integrity of your samples? Are you looking to offer INVESTIGATOR SITES STRAIGHTFORWARD OPERATIONAL SOLUTIONS, adapted to their needs and constraints?

Via a rigorous process, Cell&Co is by your side through each successive stage of your phase I, II and III multicenter clinical trials. We design comprehensive bespoke services for precision biomedical research in the interests of patients. In addition to storing your biocollections in ultra-secure, GMP standard infrastructures, we provide centralized administration of all your logistics flows, including those not routed to Cell&Co. We design your sample collection kits in order to guarantee straightforward and efficient sampling by your trial partners. Lastly, our partner laboratory prepares and tests your samples using validated processes, to ensure impeccable control over analytical variables and guarantee robust results.

Cell&Co therefore manages the processing, storage and logistics requirements of your clinical biocollections, both in Europe and internationally. Our personnel closely collaborate with service providers (trial centers, carriers, central laboratories and monitoring CRO) to ensure that their activities are fully aligned with the demands of your clinical trials.

Our process

Our process


- Design of logistical and traceability solutions

- Selection of materials suitable for the study

- Identification of subcontractors


- Regulatory submissions

- Training for investigator sites

- Design of documentation

- Provision of laboratory equipment/materials


- Sample and kit logistics

- Entry of data of sample-tracking

Receipt / Sample preparation

Sample Analysis / Reorganization / Retrieval / Disposal

Continous updating of the BiotrackerTM database


- Study report and review of indicators

Sample Analysis / Reorganization / Retrieval / Disposal

Continous updating of the BiotrackerTM database

Biocollection follow-up

- Handling of sample managment requests

Sample Analysis / Reorganization / Retrieval / Disposal

Continous updating of the BiotrackerTM database

Our coordination commitments

Our coordination commitments

Investigators sites

– Training and support for teams
– Clear, intuitive collection procedures
– Innovative sample identification systems

Monitoring CRO

– Combined reporting of monitoring data and biobanking data
– Strengthen communication with investigator sites


– Coordination of logistics providers and monitoring of contractual commitments
– Setup and monitoring of transport-related indicators

Bioanalysis laboratories

– Coordination of analytical operations
– Centralization of results and integration into BiotrackerTM


Customized, real-time reporting:
– Study progress statistics
– Status of samples and sample-related data
– Information on dispatches and receipts

Benefits to you

Benefits to you

Have access to high value-added technical solutions
Obtain superior performance and greater peace of mind regarding the management of your clinical trials
Boost the engagement of investigator sites and simplify their work through our direct participation
Our expertise

Our expertise



The search for biomarkers is a growth area in clinical trials and generates large volumes of samples. As we were looking to safeguard and centralize these resources within a high-quality biobank, we conducted a full audit of Cell&Co before selecting this partner. Cell&Co arranged for central collection of all our samples from over 70 French hospitals. Our collaboration has continued by extending to sample collection and logistics for major multicentre clinical studies. We particularly appreciate the team’s responsiveness and professionalism.

IFCT (French Cooperative Thoracic Intergroup)

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