Acquisition of Cell&Co BioServices by Cryoport

The integration of Cell&Co BioServices into the Cryoport Group, a springboard for the launch of pharmaceutical activities, and the acceleration of our activities' development on a global scale.

Acquisition of Cell&Co BioServices by Cryoport

12 May. 2022


About Cryoport

Cryoport is a global leader in temperature controlled supply chain solutions for the life sciences industry supporting life-saving cell and gene therapies across the clinical and commercial spectrum. With 33 strategic locations covering the Americas, EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) and APAC (Asia Pacific), Cryoport’s global platform provides mission-critical solutions, services, and products to Biopharma, Animal Health, and Reproductive Medicine customers worldwide. In addition to its standard setting supply chain solutions, Cryoport is the world’s largest manufacturer of cryogenic systems and one of the largest life science focused specialty couriers.

On April 18, 2022, Cryoport acquired Cell&Co BioServices.


A strategic alignment

For several years, an international market structuring has been taking shape for all Biobanking, GMP – Good Manufacturing Practices – Biorepository, and Clinical Sample Management activities. In this sense, Cryoport is the ideal industrial partner to deploy a strong international presence for the development of storage, packaging and distribution activities for drugs, at the clinical and commercial stage.

In line with Cell&Co’s strategic development since the end of 2020, Cryoport is specialized on highly cryosensitive products, for which the requirements of traceability and total control of the cold chain are non-negotiable & sustained by the ISO 21973 international standard. By sharing the same service philosophy (supply chain integration, technological innovation, reactivity and quality), we will provide together a complementary expertise: CTS (Clinical Trial Supply)  and CSM (Clinicale Sample Management). Our young and dynamic teams have finally decided to join forces to offer you services and infrastructures that always combine high quality, high responsiveness and high traceability, throughout the world.



From an administrative point of view and legal structure, nothing changes for the company. Cell&Co BioServices keeps its name and its own identity. The team in Clermont-Ferrand & Pont-Du-Château also remains in place. Finally, Florent Belon & Sofien Dessolin benefit from the full confidence of the group  in the operational and financial management of the company.



Integrating Cryoport brings to Cell&Co BioServices a technical support and a mastery of pharmaceutical activities that is already operational. We thus enable our clients to benefit from an international organisation and ever greater guarantees in terms of financial stability and regulatory support. We will benefit from an international network of storage and distribution sites, with the construction of other sites in Europe carried out by Cell&Co.


” We are now excited to be part of its strategic platform in the advanced therapies space in EMEA and we look forward to continuing to lead our company as an integral part of Cryoport as it builds out its Global Supply Chain Network and other services. “

Sofien Dessolin & Florent Belon


Commitments : Evolving Supply-Chain Platform for Life Sciences

Integrating the Cryoport Group allows Cell&Co to improve its existing activities and consolidate supply-chain platform in Europe by being part of :

  • A global network of support

–Follows and supports the market innovators (Capabilities in the right place)

–Deliver on technology – data flow, clinical compliance, risk management

–Comprehensive EU, US & APAC supply chain network

  • Evolving infrastructure

–Logistics centers

–Global supply-chain centers

–High-throughput advanced therapy centers

  • Delivered innovation

–Next generation products and services (organic and inorganic)

–Automation and scalability

–Product and service integration and accessibility

  • Transportation Optimization

–Minimal impact on the product

–Maximum benefit for the industry

–Smart packaging

–Data integration & AI implementation

  • Customer benefits

–Consistent regulatory standards reproduced globally

–Outstanding customer service and product offerings


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